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12 Days of Google-ly-Mas

I must admit something. Since the last week in October, Christmas music is my go to playlist on my phone. I know, I know, I know. Listening to music has the effect on me. It puts me in a state of mind. A Christmas State of Mind. Not the buying, shopping, and deals, more like, spending time with my family, treasuring those moments, creating memories that will last a lifetime, and truly appreciating the reason for the season.

With the mindset of giving, I wanted to give teachers at my school’s a FUN way to celebrate the days before Christmas with some Google-ly activities for them and their students. And so, the 12 Days of Googly-ly-Mas was born.

For the month of December, I challenged the teachers at my school to complete as many of the activities that they want and submit a Google Form letting me know their thoughts. As long as they complete one activity, they will have a chance to win a Google-ly prize.

A few Googley-ly activities…

12-Days-of-Christmas, Tech-Mas
  • Create an event in Google Calendar and invite someone to that event.
  • Send me a Google Meet request.
  • Choose one of Eric Curts Winter Activities to share with students.
  • Spend some time cleaning your Google Drive.
  • Create a Dream Board in Google Slides

If you are interested in downloading this resource, click HERE. Have a wonderful holiday season and take time to enjoy with families and friends! If you like this resource, be sure to click FOLLOW, as you will be notified of future post.

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