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Careers in Computer Science

Careers in Computer Science – In a previous post, I tried to make sense of computer science and why it’s now being integrated at the elementary and many more secondary schools. I understand that computer science is so much more than coding. It’s a way of solving problems and developing solutions to those problems using computers. Who wouldn’t want those skills and knowledge?

But what troubled me was now that we are providing students the opportunity to acquire computer science skills, what do they do with them? For the most part, classroom teachers are not computer scientists, and I am fairly certain they do not have a degree in computer science (except for maybe teachers that teach CS).

This is where a conversation with a third teacher led me to research “what’s next?” For those students that are truly inspired by computer science and want to move in that direction what’s next?

Answering that question led me to research all the different careers for someone interested in computer science. The results were fairly extensive. I decided to begin this journey with two careers, computer programmers and software developers. Many articles, books, and blogs laters, I have a much better understand of the “what’s next?” in computer science education.

Careers in Computer Science

Having the opportunity to dig even deeper into computer science better prepares me to guide teachers and students to the understanding of “why” computer science is important. These jobs matter in a world dominated by technology and innovation. Our future workforce will not necessarily need to know how to code, but they will need to be good problem-solvers, team players, detailed oriented, risk-takers, and have lots of grit!

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