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Groundhog Weather School – A Groundhog Day Digital Breakout

It’s Groundhog Day! Every February the 2nd, groundhog makes his annual appearance to predict if we will have six more weeks of winter or an early spring. In this digital breakout based on the story Groundhog Weather School by Joan Holub, groundhog has some extra help, he sure is glad that he opened a weather school last year! Solve each clue to learn some cool facts about Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Weather School – Digital Breakout

Critical Thinking

Clue 1 - Solving the digital breakout

I really had those brains stretching on this digital breakout. For the first clue, students had to find hidden letters and to guess the word. I created a Groundhog Day Weather Forecaster Quiz and hid six letters. For some students, they immediately recognized that some words were a different color; others needed a hint.

Cause and Effect

For the second clue, I created “cause” statements and students had to drag and drop the correct “effect” statement to each box; revealing the five digit number lock. Just like me, students still get confused as to what the groundhog will do if he sees his shadow!

Clue 2
Clue 2

Fact vs. Opinion

Clue 3

For the third clue, students practiced identifying “fact” and “opinion” statements. A helpful hint for this one is to have them use the “fill” tool to color each fact statement. Once they had the correct statements selected, students were then able to solve the direction lock.

Sequence of Events

This clue was a doozy! Using Google Sheets, I created five events and mixed them up. Students had to place a number beside each event indicating the order it would occur. Once students placed the right number in the box, it would magically reveal a color. Students then had to place the numbers in the correct order.

It’s amazing to see how engaged students are when completing a Digital Breakout; after an hour, I only had about three pairs of students finish the Digital Breakout, but it did not deter the others. As they were leaving for the day, they were already asking when will we be able to do another one!!


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How do you use digital breakouts in your classroom? Do you have a certain resource that is your go-to for creating or sharing with your students? I would love to learn how others are utilizing digital breakouts or Breakout boxes in their classrooms.

Happy Teaching!


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