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3 Ways to Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday for Read Across America Week 2020

Every March 2nd, classrooms across the U.S. and beyond celebrate the birthday of one of the most iconic authors of all time –  Theodore Seuss Geisel. Under the pen name – Dr. Seuss, Mr. Geisel wrote and illustrated more than 60 books which include many of the most popular children’s books of all time. 

Let’s Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday with a Digital Breakout!

In this digital breakout, students will celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday by solving some clues. Digital Breakouts are such a fun and authentic way to practice teamwork, communication, problem-solving and critical thinking.

This digital breakout contains four locks. Want to learn more about how this digital breakout is set up? Check out this blog post!

Lock 1 – Students will select the Dr. Seuss book for each quote using a Google Form. Once each student complete the Google Form have them Submit. They will need to pay attention to the feedback for the clue.

Lock 2 – Students will unscramble the Dr. Seuss characters and then add or subtract each letter.

Lock 3 – Students will put the events of Dr. Seuss’s life in order.

Lock 4 – Students will fill in the blanks and then navigate through a Dr. Seuss maze.

Let’s Celebrate with Coding Robots (Bee-Bot & More)

In this activity, students will program the ROBOT to the provided sequence of rhyming words, but watch out for hats. Students will need to program a route around hats.

Students will have a BLAST reviewing rhyming words while practicing coding! Don’t have a Bee-Bot, no problem! Other coding robots may be used.

Let’s Celebrate with a Digital Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture Using Google Slides

In this activity, students will use the “fill” formatting tool in Google Slides to create three different Dr. Seuss characters. Students will use the numbers found in the speaker notes.

So many ways to celebrate an author that has provided us with hours upon hours of reading enjoyment!

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Happy Teaching!


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