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4 Fun-Filled Activities to share on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. But it’s not about the candy or gifts that I might receive, it’s a special day to show my love to others. A special kind word, a pat on the back, a congrats, job well done. Valentine’s Day reminds me that spreading kindness promotes joy and peace. 

Let’s share this special day with our students with some fun-filled activities. Digital Breakouts are a great way to show and practice kindness to one another.

Digital Breakouts help to improve team-building skills, communication, and collaboration engagingly and authentically.

For this Valentine’s Day, why not share a digital breakout with your students and help them to build these important skills?

Interested in learning more about digital breakouts, click HERE!

Digital Breakout Escape Room – Love Monster (Grades 3-5)

Lock 1 – Students will follow algorithms to the correct colored heart.

Lock 2 – Students will find the missing digit to each math equation.

Lock 3 – Students will write an algorithm for the shortest route.

Lock 4 – Students will use binary code to crack the code.

Digital Breakout Escape Room – Cuddles Wishes for a Valentine (Grades K-2)

Word Lock – Student will determine the correct math to spell a word.

Number Lock – Students will drag and drop the correct number of Valentines to fill each ten frame to make 20.

Direction Lock – Students will put the events in order to make a card for Valentine’s Day.

Color Lock – Students will drag and drop the correct missing letter to complete each word.

Plugged and Unplugged – How to Make a Valentine

Have you begun the task of integrating computer science into your curriculum? If so, or you are just beginning, check out these Valentine’s Day coding activities.

Students will learn the steps in how to make a valentine while learning the basic commands of coding. No device is required for this unplugged activity.

Do you have a coding device? The coding robots plugged activity might just be the resource you have been looking for!

Students will code a “robot” to each step in how to make a valentine.

Interested in learning more about plugged and unplugged coding, click HERE!

Digital Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture Using Google Slides

Another team-building resource! Pair students up to complete this digital mystery picture! Completed in Google Slides, students will use the key in the speaker notes to complete the activity. Enjoy mystery pictures? Check out this MONEY SAVING BUNDLE!

A digital hundreds chart mystery picture pixel art math center for grades K-5. The activity can be used in Google Classroom, Chromebooks and other classroom devices. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

I hope you and your classroom will plant the seed of kindness this Valentine’s Day! Let’s remember that kindness can be shared and cultivated every day!

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Happy Teaching!


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