Meet Tonya

Hello, and Welcome! I’m so happy that you found me!

I was a career switcher after staying home with my daughter for the first seven years of her life. I returned to work as an instructional aide, then the following year I was offered a 4th-grade teaching position. I stayed in the classroom for an additional four years. After five years in the classroom, I applied and was offered an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher position in my county. I have since earned my doctorate and work as a Coordinator of Science and Innovation.

This journey is what propelled me to start a blog and create and share classroom resources with other educators. Shen Valley Teacher exists as a resource for educators that are looking for quality resources that provide authentic learning experiences for their students. It is my deepest hope that my resources serve to save educators time and provide students ample opportunities for deeper and more relevant learning.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tonya Coffey ~ Shen Valley Teacher ~