Digital Breakouts

Several years ago I ran across a website Digital Breakout EDU, this site used to be free, now you have to pay. Digital Breakout EDU provides students and teachers an “escape room” like experience but digital. If you have not heard of an escape room click HERE for more details. 

Anyways, I attempted to complete my very first digital breakout Catch the Bus.” After an hour of trying to unlock each of the locks, I gave up and told myself, “This is too hard, I will make my own!”

And so my journey began. I created a FREE Digital Breakout Google Site CoffeyITRT Digital Breakout to house my very first Digital Breakout (DB), The First Thanksgiving; rudimentary at best! I wanted students to problem-solve, think critically, to collaborate and communicate with their peers. I wanted them to hone those 21st-century skills; to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it in an authentic way. 

Free Digital Breakout
First Thanksgiving Digital Breakout

That very first Digital Breakout started something… I LOVE creating DBs. I LOVE coming up with clues! I LOVE sharing my LOVE of DBs. I LOVE going into classrooms and modeling and assisting students with their very first DB. The joy that comes with seeing the proverbial “light bulb” turn on is unexplainable! That sure is a lot of LOVE going around!

Please feel free to explore my FREE Digital Breakout website – CoffeyITRT Digital Breakout site and email me with any questions, comments, or feedback! Happy Digital Break-outing (I do not believe that is a word…) Sounds good though!!

This post contains affiliate links. I will make a commission on any product you buy through those links at no extra charge to you.

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