Digital Breakouts

Several years ago I ran across a website Digital Breakout EDU,┬áthis site used to be free, now you have to pay. Digital Breakout EDU provides students and teachers an “escape room” like experience but digital.

Anyways, I attempted to complete my very first digital breakout Catch the Bus.” After an hour of trying to unlock each of the locks, I gave up and told myself, “This is too hard, I will make my own!”

And so my journey began. I created a FREE Digital Breakout Google Site CoffeyITRT Digital Breakout to house my very first Digital Breakout (DB), The First Thanksgiving; rudimentary at best! I wanted students to problem-solve, think critically, to collaborate and communicate with their peers. I wanted them to hone those 21st-century skills; to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it in an authentic way. 

Free Digital Breakout
FREE – First Thanksgiving Digital Breakout

Please feel free to explore my FREE Digital Breakout website – CoffeyITRT Digital Breakout site and email me with any questions, comments, or feedback! Happy Digital Break-outing (I do not believe that is a word…) Sounds good though!!

Want to know about the different types of digital breakout escape rooms that I create? I have a short post of the 3 types of digital breakout that I create.

If you are ready to jump and share a digital breakout with your student be sure to check out my tpt store – Shen Valley Vegan Teacher

This post contains affiliate links. I will make a commission on any product you buy through those links at no extra charge to you.


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