I do not believe I know anyone that does not like to get something for free… I sure do!!

The following is a list of FREE resources! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at –


Two scoops of ice cream and a girl with an ice cream cone.

One Scoop or Two? (3-5)

Students will read a short passage and answer questions and solve money word problems. Click HERE to receive your FREEBIE.


Tumblebook Book Review resource

Tumblebooks – Book Review (1-5)

I needed a resource that held students accountable while on the website Tumblebooks. Once students find a book to read, they then listen/read the story and fill out the review to share with the class. Click HERE to receive your FREEBIE.


Yoga for Kids – Posters (K-12)

Need a brain break? Have students practice one at a time for create a sequence of poses for them to try. You could also share with your colleagues when they need a brain break too. Click HERE to receive your FREEBIE.

Check back often as I will continue to add to my list of FREEBIES!

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