3 Types of Digital Breakouts Escape Rooms

There are three types of Digital Breakouts that I create:

  • Google Form Embedded within a Google Site
  • Google Form Quiz within a Google Site
  • Google Form

Data validation digital breakouts contain only one Google From w/ four or more locks.

To unlock the locks you must type in the correct answer. If the answer you entered is incorrect it will give you an error message such as “Try Again” or “Still Locked”. This is by far the least complicated version of digital locks.

You can find this type of digital breakout, here CoffeyITRT Digital Breakout.

Instead of having one Google Form w/ four locks, I also create digital breakouts with four different Google Forms, each containing one lock. To unlock the lock you must type in the answer then click submit. Once you submit, you have the option to select “VIEW ACCURACY”.

Clicking “VIEW ACCURACY” navigates to a page to see if the answer is correct or not. A correct answer receives a green check and an incorrect answer receives a red ‘X’.

A third type of digital breakout escape room that I create uses just a single Google Form. Students solve clues, then using data validation breakout of each lock.

If you are looking for additional digital breakout escape rooms check out my tpt store – Shen Valley Vegan Teacher

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