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Bee Bot (Plugged and Unplugged) – Place Value

I LOVE Bee Bots! Such as simple tool to teach and reinforce coding skills (plugged or unplugged). After completing the sorting network (unplugged) with several third grade classrooms, I wanted to return, but this time I wanted to share a plugged activity.

As with any tool or resource that I share with my teachers, I always begin with the learning objective. Why do you want your students to use this tool? How will the tool enhance the lesson?

For this lesson, it was to practice rounding numbers, then integrate CS by coding the Bee Bot to each digit of the rounded number. Sounds fun? It sure was!

There are several ways students can complete this acitivty.

They can answer each of the 12 questions, then check their answers with the provided QR code, then code the Bee Bot.

Or answer one question at a time, check, then code. This lesson takes about 90 minutes to complete. Obviously it will depend on your class and their needs.

Once students completed the task cards and were ready to go, I had them come sit with me on the rug and I provided them a plastic sleeve with a “My Program” page and a white board marker. I place the Bee Bot mat in front of me and brought out a Bee Bot.


I talked about what a programmer is and what is an algorithm. We then looked at our answer for the first question (7,540). I modeled how we were going to write an algorithm for each problem, then program the Bee Bot with our algorithm.

Once our “My Program” page was complete, I place the Bee Bot on the “Start Here” square. I then programmed the algorithm that we just wrote. I typically move the Bee Bot as I input the program.

After I model the first question, students were placed in five groups to complete the rest of their paper.

Grade 3 Place Value and Rounding

It was a FUN activity, but most importantly they had the opportunity to practice place value in an authentic manner, further cementing this knowledge into their brains!

Interested in trying this lesson out in your classroom, Let’s Round Avocado!

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